12 Months of WWRP: Trails

February 6, 2018

February’s focus is on the Trails category of WWRP. Trails grants help communities and recreation areas fund the creation and improvement of trails for walking, hiking, cycling, horseback riding, and cross-country skiing. These grants help make communities more livable, create regional trails systems, and open up beautiful outdoor spaces for people to enjoy. WWRP is the largest source of trail support in the state of Washington.

Our featured project is the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribal Segment of the Olympic Discovery Trail.

The Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe utilized a WWRP Trails grant to develop a one-quarter mile segment of the Olympic Discovery Trail, which is a regional trail crossing the northern Olympic Peninsula from Port Townsend to the Pacific. This project brought the trail through the Tribe’s administrative campus on the eastern shore of Sequim Bay, linking the Jimmycomelately Estuary segment of the trail (Clallam County) with its future continuation to Jefferson County and Port Townsend. This project provided a vital segment through the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribal reservation.

The site is constricted by Sequim Bay and Tribal administrative buildings on one side and Highway 101 on the other. Although the location was a challenge to construct in, the trail lies in a very unique setting with scenic and cultural benefits. It contains an unobstructed view of Sequim Bay from an existing Scenic Pullout off Highway Hwy 101; two Tribal kiosks that provide shelter, seating and traditional tribal carvings; interpretive signs; and restroom facilities.