12 Months of WWRP: State Parks

July 6, 2017

This month, we focus our attention on the State Parks category of WWRP, and in particular on the Ollalie Trail Development 2012 project, which is currently in progress.

State Parks grants help preserve and develop our state’s best outdoor recreation areas by funding new campgrounds and amenities to increase the capacity of our parks, creating new parks, improving park resources, and protecting historical areas. These grants help our state continue to develop our world-class parks system to share our cultural heritage and natural treasures with all of its visitors.

The State Parks & Recreation Commission (the project sponsor) is currently using a $1,168,000 WWRP State Parks grant to develop 8.6 miles of trail at Olallie State Park. The trail will ascend 2,700 feet in elevation and the project will involve both the construction of new trail and the conversion of old logging roads to trails. The trail is intended to provide a challenging backcountry experience for hikers, mountain bikers, and more.

This project includes a match of $63,000 in donated labor and other sources, to make a grand total of $1,231,000 for the development of the Ollalie trail. This project builds on a previous planning grant and is slated for completion in the end of September, 2017.

Photos courtesy of the RCO PRISM Database: