12 Months of WWRP: State Parks

July 3, 2018

This month’s category is State Parks, and what perfect timing as summer in the PNW truly sets in. From s’more-making around a campfire to backpacking through mountainous regions, Washington’s state parks provide endless fascination and adventure.

State Parks grants help preserve and develop our state’s best outdoor recreation areas by funding new campgrounds and amenities to increase the capacity of our parks, create new parks, improve park resources, and protect historical areas. These grants help our state continue to develop our world-class parks system to share our cultural heritage and natural treasures with all of its visitors.

Our State Parks featured project is Cape Disappointment—Seaview Dunes Phase 2. The Seaview Dunes area lies between the northern boundary of Cape Disappointment State Park and the Seaview Approach Road, approximately two miles north of Beard’s Hollow area in Pacific County. The Discovery Trail, commemorating the Lewis and Clark expedition, parallels the dunes. In 1999, the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission authorized staff to acquire private property in the Seaview Dunes area in order to protect the area. In 2002, Parks was awarded a WWRP grant to acquire these properties from numerous different landowners to acquire the 27 acres.

This viewshed provides a beautiful vista for community members and tourists alike, and preserves one of the geographical highlights in Pacific County.