Warnick knows next year's session will center on budget —

Warnick knows next year's session will center on budget

Leah Beth Ward, Yakima Herald-Republic, October 14, 2008

Judy Warnick, who is unopposed in the general election for the 13th District, said the 2009 legislative session will be about all things fiscal, no matter who the governor is.

"It's going to be all about the budget and how we hold the reins on spending projects," said Warnick, 58.

As ranking minority member of the Local Government Committee, Warnick said she'll be fighting any new mandates Democrats may try to place on cities and counties.

Last session, Warnick helped Republicans water down a bill that would have added climate change as a goal under the state Growth Management Act.

She had requested that Gov. Chris Gregoire veto the legislation but the governor declined. The law requires five cities and three counties on the west side to "engage in activities that reduce greenhouse gas emissions."

Cutting spending will be tough on areas hard hit by last year's floods, particularly around Chehalis, Warnick said. "There's still an awful lot of clean up that still needs to be done."

Warnick remains active on the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition, the Correctional Industries Board and the Joint Legislative Committee on Water Supply During Drought. Water supply is a critical issue in the 13th District, which includes most of Grant County, Terrace Heights and the East Valley in Yakima County and all of Kittitas County.

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