Morning Fizz: The Pursuit of Happiness —

Morning Fizz: The Pursuit of Happiness

By Staff

Speaking of bipartisanship, a crew of legislators from both parties packed into the governor's mansion last night including Democrats (Speaker Frank Chopp, Reps. Cindy Ryu, Gael Tarleton and Sens. Jeanne Kohl Welles and Ed Murray) and Republicans (Reps. Hans Zeiger, Linda Kochmar, Jan Agnel, and Drew MacEwen) to support the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program, the state's major conservation program.

The program needs about $90 million, but has been slashed during the recession; Gov. Chris Gregoire tried to kill it in 2011, but legislators gave it $42 million. This year, on her way out, Gregoire had it at $65 million in her budget. Notably, Rep. Zeiger (R-25, Puyallup) was advocating for the full $90 million at last night's shindig, hosted by Trudi Inslee. Gov. Inslee's policy director and liaison to the legislature, former ecology director Ted Sturdevant, spoke.

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