Friday Kvetch #1 —

Friday Kvetch #1

By Josh Feit
Friday Kvetch #1

Rep. Hans Dunshee, WWRC award winner

It was a packed house at the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition breakfast this morning at the Westin. (WWRC is a non-profit that fights for public parks and recreation funding.)

And it was a bipartisan affair—former governors Dan Evans and Mike Lowry co-moderated, and they were handing out awards to Ds and Rs: state Rep. Hans Dunshee (D-44) and state Sen. Steve Litzow (R-41 ) won for their work to secure funding for public lands.

But the bipartisan spirit didn’t last long once the show was over. Dunshee kvetched to me afterward about some of the Republicans who showed up. “They spend the session arguing against buying public lands, but then show up for the free breakfast,” Dunshee said, noting that Republican Reps. Bill Hinkle (R-13), Bruce Chandler (R-15), and J.T. Wilcox (R-2) were in the room.

All three voted against Dunshee’s capital budget projects bill (in an 84-10 vote); Dunshee won WWRC’s “Legacy” award this morning (the main award … he was the only one who got to speak) precisely for prioritizing WWRP’s projects in this bill.

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