Asotin County Awarded Over $4 million in Grants —

Asotin County Awarded Over $4 million in Grants

By Nicole Hensley
LC Valley

Washington State Recreation and Conservation Funding Board has released a list of grants awarded to various Washington State Counties for 2011. Some counties received over $4 million. Some received less than $50,000. Statewide, the board awarded more than $67.5 million in grants to 234 recreation and conservation projects in 35 of the state's 39 counties. More than 400 projects were sent to the Board requesting about $200 million. The grants were reviewed and ranked during the past year. While a few of the grants were awarded in March and May, the majority of them were awarded last week. Some grants cover multiple counties, but others are fine tuned for very specific purposes. Here's the list for Asotin County:

State Department of Fish and Wildlife Grant - Protecting Mountain View Habitat

The Department of Fish and Wildlife will use this grant to buy 6,500 acres in southern Asotin County, including portions of the Wenatchee and Cottonwood Creek drainages, tributaries of the Grande Ronde River, and Grande Ronde River shorelines. The land is bordered on the north by a national forest, on the south by Bureau of Land Management lands, and on the east and west by private lands. This purchase will protect creek and river shorelines, cliff and talus habitats, riparian, meadows, springs, curlleaf mahogany, interior grassland, and ponderosa pine habitats to benefit steelhead, bull trout, elk, bighorn sheep, deer, wolves, golden eagles, and many other plants and animals. This grant is from the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program. (10-1613)

Awarded: $4,200,000

Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission - Grooming Snowmobile Trails in the Okanogan Highlands

State Parks will use this grant to help groom about 746 miles of snowmobile trails in the Okanogan Highlands Province, which range from Mount Spokane to the Blue Mountains in southeast Washington. These trails are accessed from 13 different sno-parks at some of the most remote areas of the state. Matching funding comes from snowmobile registration fees and a percentage of the state fuel tax attributed to snowmobile use. During the past few years, revenues have not kept pace with rising costs, and this grant will help fill the funding gap. Grooming typically is provided from December 1 to March 31 each year and is coordinated by a cadre of dedicated volunteers. State Parks will contribute $123,499. This grant is from the Recreational Trails Program. (10-1328)

Grant Awarded: $30,876

More Information: To read what other counties received what grants, view Washington State Recreation and Conservation Funding Board's list at their website [PDF].

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