To the Editor: Purchase Would Boost Habitat, Recreation —

To the Editor: Purchase Would Boost Habitat, Recreation

By Skip Vaughn
The News Tribune


The City of Tacoma has a special opportunity to protect an important natural area by purchase of open space in the southwest corner of the South Tacoma Wetlands Conservation Area, near South 52nd and South Mullen streets.

The city has applied for a Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program grant to acquire additional property in this habitat corridor to offer public access and relaxing recreational opportunities for city residents.

The addition of this property to the Wetlands Conservation Area will protect wildlife habitat for a significant variety of native species. It will also provide a unique educational setting where schoolchildren can explore the outdoors and learn about their environment in the process.

Bringing people closer to nature and wildlife in this area will strengthen our connection to the environment – a connection that is so easily lost when we get caught up in the stressful everyday routine of urban life. This open space will truly be accessible, offering recreational opportunities for everyone by accommodating individuals with disabilities in addition to pedestrians and bicycles,

The South Tacoma Neighborhood Council strongly supports acquisition of land in the Wetlands Conservation Area. With the support of our legislators, state Sen. Steve Conway and Reps. Connie Ladenburg and Steve Kirby, Tacoma residents and visitors will all benefit greatly from this acquisition.

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