Salmon Recovery, Land And Water Conservation Fund Win In Appropriations Bill —

Salmon Recovery, Land And Water Conservation Fund Win In Appropriations Bill

By Andy Walgamott
Northwest Sportsman Magazine

Well, maybe they’re not so awful after all.

This week the U.S. House approved spending $65 million on salmon recovery on the West Coast — a reported $15 million more than what been initially proposed — and refunded the Land and Water Conservation Fund to the tune of $306 million.

A subcommittee of the lower chamber of Congress last summer infamously cut the latter program, which provides for hunting and fishing access and wildlife habitat, and does it through oil and gas royalties.

But it was reinstated in the budget and passed as part of a $1 trillion spending package by a vote of 359-67, including all Washington and Oregon representatives, but only one of Idaho’s two.

The bill passed the Senate this afternoon by a wide margin and now goes to the president.

Rep. Dave Reichert, an east King County Republican, was being singled out for his help on getting the land and water fund refilled by Seattle PI columnist Joel Connelly, who wrote:

The LWCF “deserves consistent support because of the critical work it does in caring for our nation’s natural treasures and resources,” said Rep. Dave Reichert, R-Wash., a Republican supporter of the Fund. In 2011, Reichert broke ranks with House Republican leaders: He was one of a small number of GOP lawmakers, along with House Democrats, who saved the LWCF from elimination on a 216-212 vote."

In a previous article, we wrote about some of the projects LWCF has contributed to in Washington...

Read the complete article in NW Sportsman.

Read the complete story at Northwest Sportsman Magazine
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