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By David Williams
Seattle PI - Flyfishing Northwest with David Williams

Alchemy--Turning Extraction into Conservation. Sounds crazy doesn't? But that is exactly what theLand and Water Conservation Fund does. Initiated under Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson, the LWCF is the only conservation mitigation or offset for offshore oil drilling. Congress recognized a need to balance the extraction of offshore oil with the conservation of other public lands by devoting a portion of the oil-based receipts to the LWCF.

Over the years, the LWCF has funded important projects in every state and in most every county in every state. Projects include parks, swimming pools, playgrounds, trails, working forests, fishing lakes, wildlife viewing sites and many more. Our state has directly benefitted by over $70 million funding projects for state parks, city parks, lakes, wildlife areas and other worthy projects.

Why talk about this now? Simple. LWCF funding is part of the pending oil spill/energy package expected to come to Congress this week. Now would be a great time to contact Senators Murray and Cantwell to express your support for full funding of the LWCF. You could also contact your federal representatives who voted in favor of funding and ask the few that voted against to reconsider their opposition in the future.

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