LETTER: We need legislators to renew leadership for our great outdoors —

LETTER: We need legislators to renew leadership for our great outdoors

By Jim Freese
Bothell-Kenmore Reporter

The article “Gov. Inslee proposes funding for Saint Edwards waterfront addition” is a great primer for the local impact of the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program (WWRP), but as our population grows we must look statewide.

Communities across the state need robust funding to make the other 122 proposed projects a reality. These projects range from preserving habitat for elk and salmon, building new parks and trails and more.

Thanks to the leadership of our legislators working on the capital budget like Senator Andy Hill and Representative Monica Stonier, we have been incredibly fortunate in Bothell over the past few years. WWRP funding has helped our community safeguard North Creek Forest and develop Cedar Grove Park.

These grants not only enhanced our parks, but enhanced our quality of life. By providing high-quality amenities in our neighborhoods, we attract new residents and new business. And these benefits extend beyond the communities that are directly affected.

The entire state benefits from investing in the outdoors because it creates a stronger tax to support all of the state’s programs.

As our population grows in King County and elsewhere, we need to commit to protecting our natural heritage so future Washingtonians can benefit from the fantastic quality of life we have come to expect.

When they return to Olympia later this month, we need our legislators to renew their leadership for our great outdoors, whether they are majestic forests or neighborhood parks.

Jim Freese, Bothell

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