Letter: Protect Outdoor Heritage with LWCF —

Letter: Protect Outdoor Heritage with LWCF

By Michael Estes
Tri-City Herald


As president of an organization with deep ties to eastern Washington’s outdoor
heritage, I was glad to see the recent articles supporting the Land and Water
Conservation Fund (LWCF). This is our country’s most important national conservation
program ensuring that the wild places that make our state special do not succumb to the
pressures of development.
LWCF projects protect and restore the clean waterways critical for our fish stocks and
wildlife populations. LWCF projects ensure that generations to come will be able to fish
and hunt these waters and adjacent lands, while embracing their role as stewards of our
public lands.  LWCF funding for projects in our local area has improved public access to
and along the Columbia and Yakima rivers.
After 50 years, the LWCF will expire this month unless re-authorized by Congress.  In
the face of all the partisanship and divisiveness in today’s political landscape the LWCF
is a program that cuts across ideological lines.  I encourage Representative Newhouse
to draw on his understanding of the importance of our outdoor heritage and do
everything in his power to save LWCF so we can continue to pass on that legacy to
future generations.
Michael Estes
President, Richland Rod & Gun Club


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