LETTER: Back country group appreciates Reichert’s work —

LETTER: Back country group appreciates Reichert’s work

By Jason Ridlon - Director, Backcountry Horsemen of Washington, Thorp
Daily Record

To the Editor:

Back Country Horsemen of Washington would like to thank Congressman Dave Reichert for his continued leadership on behalf of the Land and Water Conservation Fund. We consider the LWCF an essential partner in keeping trails open for all users—both on foot and on horseback.

The LWCF is our nation’s primary tool to protect our local, state and national parks, wildlife refuges, working forests and trails. It is an essential program that protects our outdoor legacy and the jobs that rely on public lands. It doesn’t even use our tax dollars—instead it is funded by offshore oil and gas drilling royalties. But despite its strong bipartisan support and a commonsense funding source, the program has only been fully funded once in its 50 year history, leaving billions of dollars in backlogged projects.

As a resident of the 8th District and horseman, I have ridden trails funded by the LWCF in Mount Rainier National Park, Yakima River Canyon, Wenatchee National Forest, the Cascades, Snoqualmie National forest, Cowiche Canyon and can testify first hand that protecting this area is essential for members of BCHW and all other trail users.

We thank Congressman Reichert and hope to continue to work with him to ensure our kids and grandkids can have the same opportunities we have to enjoy Washington’s great outdoors

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