Chelatchie Railroad Trail – Phase 2

Category Overview

Trails grants help communities and recreation areas fund the creation and improvement of trails for walking, hiking, cycling, horseback riding, and cross-country skiing. These grants help make communities more livable, create regional trails systems, and open up beautiful outdoor spaces for people to enjoy. WWRP is the largest source of trail support in the state of Washington.

Project Highlights

Clark County will use this grant to continue developing the Chelatchie Prairie Railroad Trail. The County will build a 10-foot-wide, paved pathway with shoulders starting at the current trail’s end about a mile from Battle Ground Lake State Park. The trail will run more than a half-mile southwest toward Battle Ground. Work will include clearing, grading, and paving, as well as installing informational signs and benches. A fence may be installed to separate the trail from the rail line. The construction of this phase will make significant progress in connecting the city with the state park, which will allow users to travel safely between the two destinations instead of using narrow local roads. It also will move Clark County a step closer to the vision of developing the entire 33-mile trail, from Vancouver in the southwest to Chelatchie Prairie in the northeast. Clark County will contribute $454,147 from a local grant.

Quick Facts

WWRP Applicant: Clark County of Category: Trails WWRP Grant: NULL Applicant Match: 454147 Project Type: Development County: Clark Legislative District: 18 Status: Board Preliminary Approved RCO Project # 16-1443

Location Details

1.0 mile south of Battle Ground Lake State Park (18002 N.E. 249th St. Battle Ground, WA 98604) on existing Chelatchie Prairie RailroadTrail.

What is the WWRP

The Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program (WWRP) is a state grant program that creates and conserves local and state parks, wildlife habitat and working farms. The Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office administers WWRP grants, and the legislature funds the program.