Gov. Inslee proposes funding for Saint Edwards waterfront addition, North Creek Forest —

Gov. Inslee proposes funding for Saint Edwards waterfront addition, North Creek Forest

By Deanna Isaacs
Bothell-Kenmore Reporter

This week, Gov. Jay Inslee announced a funding proposal for the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition to the tune of $70 million, some of which could be coming to local parks.

First on the list is more than $2 million for Saint Edwards Park, in Kenmore, for the acquisition of almost 10 acres of shoreline property. The investment would add another 450 feet of Lake Washington shoreline to the park and more trails, one connecting the northern neighborhood with the park and another that will add a new loop within the park.

The addition will also preserve more habitat for freshwater clams and spawning salmon from the local streams, along with offering a new swimming area that is shallower and warmer than current park waterfront.

The second local impact of the new funding would come in for North Creek Forest park.

The city of Bothell has been working on purchasing 64 acres of urban forest to create the North Creek Forest park. The new grant monies from the state would allow the acquisition of 21.84 acre - the majority of the remaining acreage to create the park.

The forest contains at least two priority bird species for protection, the pileated woodpecker and the band-tailed pigeon, along with a spawning stream for ESA listed Chinook Salmon.

The city of Bothell is also working on getting federal monies, through the Land and Water Conservation Fund, to match the state grant monies in order to complete the work on the North Creek Forest.

While these items are not yet funded, the proposal will go before legislators in 2015, with expected passage by early summer.

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